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East Carolinian Releases Outrageous Column on 'Birth Control'

This is a disgustingly misogynist and misinformed article by a student named Ben Cochran.

GET THE WORD OUT. Repost, reblog, email -- so potential future employers can google and easily find out what kind of person Cochran is. It wouldn’t hurt to contact his university’s administration and request that disciplinary action be taken, either.
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I'm not really very active over here right now. I mostly chill at tumblr. If you want to keep in touch, let's follow eachother.
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So, um, anyone want to be google+ friends? Here's my url.


Sep. 19th, 2011 05:34 pm
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I realized something strange about myself. I invariably want to dissect bald people. I don't even know, alright? Lack of hair just triggers an 'oh, clearly you are all prepped for surgical disassembly' reaction. Not even in a serial killer way. Just in a 'let me see your brain okay' way. If that even makes sense.
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Yesterday evening I started reading Extra Lives by Tom Bissell. I'm one chapter in and too angry at the author to bother finishing the book.


First, for the sake of background, this is a book about video games. The front of the volume says it's a treatise on 'why video games matter.' Now, this is a funny thing to claim your book focuses on or proves, because value can take a lot of different forms. Tell any businessperson video games matter and they'll probably cite some financial figures which amount to, basically, “of course they fucking matter, kid, you don't need to tell me that.” The only people that would argue with you are, probably, parents who don't actually believe they don't matter but are too sick of their kids playing Halo when they're supposed to be doing their homework to care about honesty.


No, I think the author is trying to address the social stigma associated with gaming. Anyway, that was my impression, looking at the cover of the book – and that topic seems much more relevant. You may have needed to convince an audience that video games mattered thirty years ago, maybe forty, but at this point the world is very bought into them.

During the first chapter, the author reviews the visual and narrative aspects of Fallout 3. Here, it seems his message is actually that video games matter from an artistic standpoint. That's a pretty tired topic, especially if you've ever talked about art with a rapper or a graffiti artist – or anyone whose art form of choice has trouble finding reception with a conventional art crowd. The conversation is always basically the same. Still, curious, I kept reading.


That became more and more difficult with each page. Bissell writes like an English teacher, not a writer; his tone is affected with a sort of intellectual insecurity which lends itself to using a lot of arcane words without necessity. I get the feeling that he loves hearing himself talk, but isn't sure anyone else does. It makes reading an endeavor, something you have to undertake and at times argue yourself into sticking with, rather than an enjoyable experience. In gaming terms, he's Dirge of Cerberus.


He nearly lost me after the first chapter. No opening argument rang out anywhere within it. It wasn't a strong piece to start the book with. Despite the infections Bissell's writing style suffers, it does at times contain very pleasingly wrought language, but that's it's only redeeming characteristic.


Chapter two starts with a rundown of the opening sequence of the original Resident Evil game. If Bissell were in the room and talking me through this, I can't imagine myself not interrupting with “I know, dude, I'm way familiar with Resident Evil. Can we get into the meat of your argument now?” But, to be fair, Bissell isn't writing to gamers. In this section he says some very racist things about Japan, telling the audience in a roundabout way that he finds Japanese people to possess a charming incompetence with Western ideas. Barf. But I kept reading. This is the sentence that really got me:


You harbor affection for the products of Japan, from its cuisine to its girls to its video games – the medium Japanese game designers have made their own.”


Just think about it for a moment. Anything striking you as odd? Maybe not – so try reading this version.


You harbor affection for the products of Japan, from its cuisine to its boys to its video games – the medium Japanese game designers have made their own.”


Whoah now, that sounds weird, right? Boys aren't a product! At least call them 'men,' since 'boys' is usually reserved for the juveniles of the gender and is sort of demeaning in that way. And seriously, you're listing them right next to food and video games? They're people. Why do you always compare them, first and foremost, to food?


Fuck you, Tom Bissell. You're a bigot. You think the Japanese are weird and incompetent for letting their culture spill into that of those they try to emulate? You're a thousand times worse for letting your viewpoint blind you to the viewpoints of others. And you shouldn't have this problem. You've spent plenty of time living abroad. Assimilating other sets of opinions, even ones far differing from your own, should be a non-issue for you.


Anyone that values their mind should also value its elasticity, should place paramount importance on their ability to think in new ways. Dexterity in many modes of thinking is true mental capability, no one can call themselves intellectually capable without it. Further, people that cannot imagine what some experience would feel like for someone besides themselves are considered mentally disabled.


God, I'm so disgusted.


I used to take great pains to ignore prejudice and bigotry. My (very strong) conviction was that it was not my job to address anyone else's idiocy. But I'm so sick of having it thrown in my face.

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someone get me out of this fandom it's destroying me

Real Life Time

Everyone has made sure to tell me there's something wrong with me for ASKING to work friday nights in the ER. ヽ(o^皿^o)ノ WHICH MEANS THEY WILL BE EVERYTHING I HAVE HOPED AND DREAMED THEY WILL BE

Also, the dude that trained me kept complaining about how no hospitals would hire him even though he 'totally already got his CNA and everything.' I just laughed.
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I don't know why I didn't do this as a kid. Sure, I didn't have a hamster, but I could have used my sister's lizard.

Basically, here's my plan: )
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I finished Devil May Cry 2. And that's not all. I liked it. See, compared to the other games I've played -- Crisis Core, Dirge, Resident Evil Four, and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles -- the only one that measures up in terms of gameplay fun is RE:DC. And yeah, I'm aware that DMC2 is the WORST game in the DMC series.

So, basically, Final Fantasy... I'm breaking up with you.

Pretty sure I have to divorce Rufus and marry Dante.

And I'm pretty sure, with the bitchin' strawberry sundaes I make, it won't be any problem ^^

Those are glazed strawberries with vanilla bean gelato. No, I didn't make the gelato, but I'm thinking I need to learn because how amazing would a strawberry balsamic sundae with caramelized brown sugar be? IT WOULD KILL PEOPLE. They would take a bite and explode.

PS, I already make incredible pizza. What? Everyone knows that the fastest way to a heart is through the stomach. I mean, that's even how they get to it in surgery. ←incorrect

As to the game, here are my thoughts.

The parts I hated were that you get a couple hearts/weapons way too late for them to really be useful, some of the environments really aren't much to look at, and THE GODDAMN ACCENT every character but Dante has. Fucking ANNOYING to listen to, don't even get me started... Also, the game's storyline is completely lacking, and the combat system leaves some things to be desired. Sometimes, the auto-targeting makes fights WAY too easy, and other times it costs you a ton of valuable time and is a complete headache to deal with. I wish there was an option to switch it off. In the release I was playing, the 'switch target' button didn't work. I'd also appreciate some useful air combos and a 'duck' button. Both Dante and Lucia can get stuck in combos you can't interrupt, and because of the targeting, often end up attacking empty air in the direction of the last thing that ran by and snagged your crosshair. But, possibly, the very worst thing is the camera angles. Finally, the motherfucking underwater missions. Everything about them.

The best parts were the elevator fights. In Dante's mission... 16, I think? You fight your way to hell, arrive in the Shin Ra lobby -- no seriously it does look like the Shin Ra lobby and take an elevator FULL OF ENEMIES to another floor. The first elevator is a great place to relax and slaughter stuff. The second elevator is more interesting, since a slightly more powerful enemy type spawns there. I wish there had been more enclosed-spaces-mayhem fights. There WERE some really pretty environments -- I loved the Uroboros building, and the second city you make your way through (with the skyscraper boss). As to the bosses, I thought they were way too easy, but I did really like the one that pops out of a skyscraper and Oranguerra. I also loved having a boss fight on the roof of a skyscraper, even though that particular boss was 16 breeds of boring. My favorite low-level enemies were the various types of ofinis's, goats, and mages. The Desperation Devil Trigger is pretty badass, and Lucia's special triggered attack is, too. And I like that you can unlock some silly costume options by finishing the game.

I know this game got a lot of hate, but at $4.98, it's the best little box of violent, imaginary people I've ever bought. Dante is not a classy ho.
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So my mum's been having a rough week. Rough to the point that she's become an incredibly dangerous driver due to massive emotional distraction, which is equal parts terrifying, embarrassing, and really fun. I don't think she's gonna get hurt - it's not that bad. There have just been some... incidents. A virus escaped, and everybody died. Like two days ago, when we were near Pike Place Market and she'd pulled into a parking spot on the side of the road to answer a text - she finished up, backed into the car behind us with gusto, and then drove away like something horrible was chasing us. All while the other car's owner watched, bewildered, from the other side of the street. For a while I was pretty mortified, but then I realized it was incredible and I wanted to do it MORE. Get out of my head, Reno, you're making me into a bad person.

On a separate note, would it not have been great in FFVII if instead of people getting possessed or whatever by Jenova, they got possessed by Reno? Instead of 'give me that fancy materia, hurr' we would have had 'put on this sombrero and these hooker boots and light some mailboxes on fire.' ...I really do think Square should make a game that focuses on Reno as the main character. It'd be a fearsome and beautiful thing.

Okay this thing's getting long. Let's throw a cut in. )
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I can't help myself - I need to jump in on the discussion here.

I'm sure everyone's at least caught wind of how upset fans are over the way Capcom and Ninja Theory are handling impending release Devil May Cry 5. The consensus among those in the industry is that fans are mainly upset over changes made to Dante's appearance... which isn't entirely true, and isn't the only thing I'm concerned with, but is worth mentioning.

The more interviews with Tameem Antoniades (Chief Design for Ninja Theory) and his coworker Alex Jones I read or watch, the angrier I get. These guys need a PR team: they're not persuasive, they're not well-spoken, and they're disrespectful to the fans. Check out this article:

Should Developers Listen to Their Fans? by Jon Porter

“So, how do you feel about the fan reaction to DMC?”

Tameen [sic] looked at me a moment and took a drag of his cigarette. Then without blinking, and without pausing to exhale the smoke from his mouth he said, “I don't care.”

And neither should any other developer.

Wait, is this bad fanfiction or journalism? Tameem must be cool as hell, smoking his cigarette. ~_~

When I first saw the trailer for this game, I was hesitant about it, but I was excited. Despite the angry youth anti-government feel (which I would have been ecstatic over when I was fourteen, but at this point feel is a very tired viewpoint) and the honestly gross costuming, I was planning on buying it. I might still - especially if any sort of apology is issued to fans for the blatant disrespect they've been shown.

Whenever the guys from Ninja Theory talk about the game, they make it clear that they're incredibly bitter over the poor reception their work has gotten... Which is certainly the mark of an amateur. You have to know how to handle feedback, especially if you're getting into art and fashion territory, and ESPECIALLY-especially if you're going to be doing it in the public eye (Fun fact: Tameem tweeted "Feedback is everything in games" back in February. Does that mean you're going to swallow your ego and start taking other people's opinions into account, Tam?).

It's hilarious to listen to a guy who obviously wouldn't know fashion if it bit him in the ass talk about how, in his previous costumes, Dante 'would be laughed out of any bar outside Tokyo.' His new costume would get him laughed out of most bars as well. This is what mystifies me: if Capcom wanted a more fashionable Dante, why not get someone in the fashion industry to head up the project? I mean, if you need stitches, you go to a doctor - not a tailor, right? RIGHT? This would have made a GREAT episode of The Rachel Zoe Project. She's styled animated characters before, actually.

Another mistake I think they made was to draw too much from the 1970's British punk movement. It's fine to take inspiration if you UPDATE it, but this certainly doesn't feel avant-garde, as a a costume in a highly-stylized game should. It doesn't even feel current.

Let me just mention, there's a British flag on the arm of Dante's new coat - which would be fine, if we were in the 90's and wearing British flags was still fashionable. But a country's patriotism often feels strange to someone from a different country. Again, diplomacy fail. Sometimes you need to avoid taking a clear stance to boost popularity. Being that Ninja Theory is based in London, I'm guessing they didn't even think about this, but it may stick out to a few people. Especially if Britain doesn't exist within game canon. HONESTLY.

Gone is the white-haired male lead we once knew, replaced by a brunette imposter who seems to have stumbled across his namesake's wardrobe whilst looking for his sister's eye make-up.

I have to agree there.

Let me just say that, as a fan, I don't want a less ostentatious, more 'western' Dante in the same way I don't want a sleek, minimalistic Lamborghini. A Dante that isn't over the top is the same as a Lambo with no rocket thrusters or Gatling guns - it just isn't itself.
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Today was only sort of productive. Somehow, my plan to go to the library, update my resume, and job hunt evaporated and was replaced with a plan to finish unpacking, watch as many music videos as possible, reorganize my dresser, and... Uh, well, that was it. :|

Except that I also found this beautiful gem: an amazing Ask Rufus Shinra tumblr.

Also, for anyone who doesn't know how much I love Perfume - I love them so much it's embarrassing. And I'm dying over their video for レーザービーム (Laser Beam).

I am dying over that because the man in white is CLEARLY The Stig's Japanese cousin, who decided to go into business and finance rather than become a professional driver! Kidding. I am dying over that for other reasons. I bet you know what they are. In case you don't, I made this helpful illustration...

Yeah. I went there. )

By the way, if you have no concept of what a Stig is, watch Top Gear. Now.

Pictures of new apartment )


Aug. 26th, 2011 10:34 am
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We're all moved in \(^◇^)/ but I can't find my PS2's memory card or the receiving things for its wireless controllers ヽ(´Д`;)ノ so I STILL can't play the copy of Devil May Cry 2 I finally bought right AFTER I had packed my PS2, about a month ago. I may cry.

Yes I know, DMC2 is supposed to have disappointed hugely, but I, um, well I love bad video games. Their awfulness just blesses me. Plus it was only $5. Because it's 8 years old. I will never be modern.

Not living with my stepdad anymore is a huge relief. HUGE. I'll post pics of the new place later.
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...are not boring (generally), which is more than I can say for most magazines targeted to women (which is sad). And you know what? The amount of naked/almost naked women in them doesn't offend me as much as the fact that there aren't naked men in women's magazines. Women get objectified a lot, sure. But most of the time when I pick up a magazine targeted to dudes, there's as much 'be good enough to win the approval of women' content in it as there is 'be good enough to win the approval of men' content in magazines targeted to chicks. I think the thing that would actually tip the scales to equal or close-to-equal in this corner of media is, in fact, equality in nudity. And I bet sales would skyrocket for anyone willing to pioneer the idea.

Well, one other thing, actually: There is a TON of content in many men's magazines devoted to learning to do things dudes haven't traditionally done for themselves, like cooking. Why, in women's magazines, are there not articles on things like how to change your car's oil? Diminishing the idea of gender roles is pretty important, imo, so how about some media support?

Maybe I should write some letters about this.
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Normally I'd be really careful to censor my emotions and be as diplomatic as possible, but I've passed the point of giving a fuck.

I am so indescribably sick of having to defend every decision I make seven ways to every damn person I mention it to. I just got done having an hour-long conversation with my mother about whether or not my sister and I are going to get bunk beds in our new apartment, complete with to-scale diagrams. Jesus christ, who the hell cares? And let me make it really clear, debates like this find me way too often in way to many avenues with way too many different people. This wasn't a singular instance, just the final straw before I decided to Angry!blog >:|TM.

I don't care if I come off as a stuck up bitch here, because believe it or not, the more I have to defend the things I decide to do the less I care about the way they're perceived.

I'm really, really smart. I'm even more analytical, and I'm more capable and driven than, I'd be willing to bet, 9 out of 10 people. If you bring a concern to me about the way I've decided to handle something, you can be 98% sure that I've already considered anything you could possibly come up with from ten different angles at least five times.

Now is probably not the time to say this, being that I definitely have been a little bitchy lately (I went back and re-read the Facebook posts, wondered what was wrong with me, and took them down) and given that, it'll present horribly, horribly poorly.

Whatever. Think what you want. I'm sick of answering to people that ultimately have no authority over my decisions. It doesn't matter what your intentions were, because it's your responsibility to realize when you're grilling someone who has no reason to answer to you, take a step back, and be a little less controlling.

If I need to fuck up, let me. At least you'll have the satisfaction of reading about it if it does happen. But you know what? The chances of that are pretty low, because I can handle myself. Next time you feel the need to impart some life lessons, don't be surprised when I don't reply.

On a completely unrelated note (probably the MOST unrelated note I could hit after that), I thought the cover of Fast Company for September was really beautifully done -
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:DDD Dropped off an application this morning for a nice (!) apartment in our price range. It comes with a fitness center which is HUUUUUGE for me because I love to run, but I'm a lazy runner... I so prefer a treadmill in an air conditioned room to running outside.

My uncle's cosigning - he has perfect credit and a crazy income, so we should get the place. Fingers crossed.

Now let's talk about heat stroke! Wooooooooooo. All I have to say is, never tell yourself you're being a wuss and ignore your symptoms 'till you can't stand. That's dumb, guys. This isn't Sparta, and even if it were, organ damage isn't fashionable.

I assumed that my symptoms were just a body panic response to pain because my uterus, General Custer (so named because its first hurrah is always awful, but after that it's easy to manage), was busy having a nervous breakdown. The good news is, I learned my lesson and I didn't even have to go to the hospital!

Also, my tuition money arrived in the mail yesterday, so I just wrote a check for that. All in all, good day.
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The apartment hunt continues. Because I'm 'the responsible one' I've been put in charge. The upside to this is that if I don't like a place I won't even give my sister or mum a chance to suggest it - I just won't schedule us an appointment to see it. The downside is, despite that, I still have to schedule all the appointments. Not fun, guys.

We might just end up moving into the place I really wanted, which would be great because it's brand new and has fucking nice amenities. I'm big on perks. Thing is, though, I've found 10 or so pre-1950's buildings downtown with super cheap rent. $795-995, and they're not bad. The architecture is pretty cool looking and most of them have been remodeled. I know these are the ones my sister will prefer, and truth be told, I'm fine with them... What it comes down to, I guess, is whichever company can schedule a tour and have paperwork waiting the fastest. The latest I can afford to be moved by is 9/9, so... Yeah. Not a ton of time. Get your shit together and call me, realtors.


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